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Robert Farleys' SSC Stylus

Below is an extract about Roberts' kit car although it is now a bit outdated - to read more, please visit the web site link below.

"I had my 1st sprint of 2003 at Silverstone on Sat' 5th April. The weather was sunny but quite nippy a.m. The Stowe circuit was used and the sprint course was two laps from a standing start ( 1.6 miles approx'y ) I've never driven it before and found it quite challenging to get the exit from the esses just right . Five corners altogether and travelling anti-clockwise , so four left handers and a right into the esses . Four corners were anti camber , so concentration was required ! Two short straights so never reached max' rev's in 3rd ( 112mph in my car ) All corners taken in 2nd after the standing start into the hairpin in 1st gear , not quite max' rev's so about 60mph before a quick stab on the '' middle '' pedal and back on the juice !"

"My first practise was 101 sec's(2 laps) and best of the day was 98.7 sec's, which put me in 6th place behind some quick guys. I was 2sec's clear of an Elise and just 0.3 sec's behind a very powerful Westfield with all the bells and whistles on (I asked him ? bhp but he didn't want to say ! )
An Elise did a 97 sec's / Exige 94 sec's / V ' quick westi ' 91.7sec's and the top slot was a Cosworth 2lt turbo westi ' 91.5! So all in not a bad day for my 1st ever drive on the Stowe circuit.
I'm in the same championship as 2002( ACSMC SPRINT CHALLENGE ) so it looks like being tough competition ."

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