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Howard Stidwill's Lomax 223

Below is an extract from Howard's kit car site - to read more, please visit his web site.

Having retired early due to heart problems, I wanted a project to give me something interesting to do. I had 'hotted up' my first car - a Mini - in my youth, and enjoyed the challenge.

Also, although I love driving cars, I find that modern cars are so boring - they practically drive themselves. The enjoyment of driving has been lost - unless, of course you can afford something like a Porsche!

I wondered about building a kit car, so I bought several Kit Car magazines and was intrigued with the Lomax in particular. (It was one of the cheapest!).

I live near Dudley in the West Midlands, and had passed the Lomax factory in nearby Cradley Heath with its kit cars lined up. The seeds of my enthusiasm for kit cars were well and truly germinating.

At the end of 1999 I visited the factory and Dave Low did his sales pitch very effectively! I decided to buy the 223 kit (2 seats, 2 cylinders and 3 wheels).

Lomax (see LINKS on the Home page) provide the GRP body parts, various brackets and mechanical modifications but building the kit requires a great deal of ingenuity and a certain measure of trial and error (quite a lot of error!). This was a challenge that I enjoyed.

Since building "Max" I have had a great time driving it. Nothing significant has gone wrong. Since then I have carpeted the cockpit and shortened the gear lever.

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