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Dodge Viper RT/10 Replica

Below is an extract from Dave's introduction & kit car build diary - to read more, please visit his web site.

"This site is dedicated to the build of a Kit Car, the conversion of a 1994 Ford Granada Scorpio into a much nicer looking, much wider and generally a lot lighter Dodge Viper RT/10 replica. With that said, there is no way the dash is being replicated, it's boring as hell."

"There isn't really a need for me to keep a diary of what I am doing, or indeed detail every aspect of the build process in minutia. However, I do feel compelled to pass on the comedy that really is what I am going through and on the journey what I am making other people suffer too :)"

Build Diary:

"3rd October 2004
Day 5 - Gaseous Maximus 7 hours
What can I say, a busy day yesterday and feeling it today. A lot of spirit and high hopes for today though. A three man team, two grunts and an almost clever chap. The hope was to have the engine and gearbox out today, but that hope rapidly evaporated much the same as the air conditioning gas...

5th October 2004
Day 6 - Wired Hell 4 hours
To be honest, the day didn't really start well. I couldn't really be arsed with the car, although I knew it had to be cleaned inside. All the wiring had to be removed......... "

To visit Dave's site and see more of his Dodge Viper kit car - Click Here

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