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Bell Performance

The T 70 Replica

The Lola T70 is a striking kit car for most people. When I am at  track day or an event, many people come up to me and  comment on its appearance, including some who raced them in the 60's!

And it doesnt just look the business either, but can be built to go very quickly indeed, getting into its stride as the motorbike engined cars hit the "wall". There is no substitute for the grunt of a big V8 which pulls very hard even at low revs, but just keeps on pulling as the revs go up. 

As one 7 racer said after some laps with me at Donington," the bloody thing never stops accelerating!"  It seems he was at peak revs by halfway  along the straight and then only had to wait for the next corner.

So if you want something different from a  7 clone/cobra/bike engined job, something you can really get your teeth into both when building and then driving, you will certainly stand out in a T70!

If you are interested in building, or having built for you, a T70 replica, I can help!

I own the body and windscreen moulds, and work with MDA ( who provide the chassis and running gear. (MDA did the 3 GT 40s on the near vertical display at the 2003 Goodwood Festival of Speed).

As each set of components is put together on a customer by customer basis, the car can be highly customised, from a road going car with air con and stereo through to an aluminium monocoque based lightweight racer, contact me

 with your requirements. As the original car was right hand drive only the replica is offered as standard in RHD, please specify if you want LHD. 

To visit Bell Performance's site and see more of their cars - Click Here

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